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Network Identification Solutions

The PANDUIT Network Connectivity Group offers a full line of TIA/EIA-606-A standard compliant labeling products. By properly identifying your network, moves, adds, changes, trouble shooting and repairs can be accomplished faster and more efficiently. A world leader in network connectivity solutions, Panduit designs and manufacturers labeling products, software and printers to assist you with TIA/EIA-606-A compliance.

The TIA/EIA-606-A standard states that the size, color and contrast of all labels should be selected to ensure that the identifiers are easily read. Labels should be visible during the installation of and normal maintenance of the infrastructure. Labels should be resistant to the environmental conditions at the point of installation (such as moisture or heat) and should have a design life equal to or greater than that of the labeled component. To maximize legibility, all labels shall be printed or generated by a mechanical device.

Product offering includes:
  • Labels for laser, ink jet, thermal transfer and dot-matrix printers
  • Self-laminating wire markers
  • Blank labels for network and other applications in a variety of materials
  • Heat shrink wire markers
  • Hand-held and desktop printers
    • LS7 PANACEA hand held-thermal transfer printer
    • LS6 VIPER portable thermal transfer printer
    • LS3E Pan-Quik hand-held dot-matrix printer
    • PTR2E desktop thermal transfer printer
    • PTR3E desktop thermal transfer printer
  • Labeling Software
    • EASY-MARK™
    • Pan-Mark®
  • TIA/EIA-606-A Compliance Software
    • ID Generator

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