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GIGAlite Fibre Solutions

The Nexans GIGAlite range of fibre solutions combine cables, connectivity and hardware to provide guaranteed performance & reliability across the entire LAN.

Thanks to Nexans Copper-to-Fibre transition products, the installed active copper equipment base can be maintained, with fibre integrated in a mixed technology infrastructure. This solution enables to work seamlessly and offers easy to manage future-proofed cabling infrasturctures.

Copper-to-Fibre transition:
  • transparent integration of GIGAlite fibre solutions into an existing copper based network
  • investment protection of the installed base
  • central system with SNMP management
  • no intervention at PC level (no optional NICs required)

Key Features
  • Ease of installation with direct connectorising and ready to splice panels
  • Suitable for centralised architectures
  • Flexible multiple connectivity support (ST, SC, MT- RJ)
  • Modularity including campus, riser and horizontal cabling

GIGAlite categories:

GIGAlite 3
GIGAlite 3 features OM3 compliant 50/125 fibre

Recommended uses:
  • 10 Gigabit applictions up to 300m where singlemode is not considered suitable
GIGAlite II features enhanced 62.5/125 OM1 and 50/125 OM2 compliant multimode (MM) fibres or standard singlemode (SM) (OS1). The enhanced multimode fibres are laser optimised to provide extended distance capability.

Recommended uses:
  • Collapsed backbone, backbone, & Campus links
  • fibre to the desk solutions for ultra high bandwidth and high security applications
  • Gigabit applications (MM) or 10 Gigabit (SM) links up to 1000m?
  • Composite (MM+SM) GIGAlite II recommended as best value for money gigabit applications today and 10 gigabit for future.

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