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Avaya SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solutions

OptiSPEED® Solution

  • Standard multimode and singlemode fiber
  • Lowest multimode fiber channel loss available, up to 50% less than other systems
  • Lowest loss Small Form Factor Connector available in the industry - LC Connector
SYSTIMAX SCS OptiSPEED was developed to provide a fiber optic solution that is the backbone for both today's performance requirements and the networks of the future. 62.5 micron multimode fiber provides high-speed links to support signal transmission up to the TIA standard of 300 meters within a building and up to 2000 meters or 2 kilometers within a campus for many of today's legacy LAN's.

The OptiSPEED channel, which includes the low loss LC Connector, supports the 1000BASE-SX, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, up to 300 meters with 6 LC connections. This is the lowest loss channel in the industry, over a longer distance than specified by the standard. OptiSPEED reliably supports 4 more 1000BASE-SX connections over 300 meters than any competitor's small form factor connector can support. OptiSPEED supports up to 600 meter for 1000BASE-LX, Gigabit Ethernet LAN applications. In addition, OptiSPEED is set to support 10 Gbps Ethernet using CWDM 1300 nm lasers to 300 meters.

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