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Adix-E Digital PABX System

Telephone Sets

Our new telephone set (Third KT), incorporates a sleeker, more streamlined design with added features to optimize functionality and maximize high-quality communication. The improvements of the third KT are as follows.
  1. Wide LCD Screen and Keypad: you can easily see and operate the telephone.
  2. Color Variation (black and white)**: The third KT and Direct Station Select unit (IX-DSS-3) are available in both black and white.
  3. Upgradeable Telephone: Telephone sets without displays (IX-12KTS-3) can be upgradeable to telephones with displays (IX-24KTD-3) by adding the LCD (IX-KTLCD-3) and 12 CO line key expansion unit (IX-12ELK-3).
  4. Pedestal: By utilizing the pedestal, you can easily adjust the angle of the telephone surface to one of seven positions. The pedestal is also used to mount the telephone to the wall.

ix1.gifIX-12KTD-3(WHT) + IX-12ELK-3
ix2.gif IX-12KTD-3(WHT)
  • 12 CO Keys
  • 8 Programmable Function Keys
  • 8 Fixed Function Keys
  • 2-Line (16 characters/line) Backlit LCD
  • Handsfree Answerback
ix3.gif IX-12KTS-3(WHT)
  • 12 CO Keys
  • 8 Programmable Function Keys
  • 8 Fixed Function Keys
  • Handsfree Answerback
ix4.gif IX-MKT(WHT)
  • 8 CO Keys
  • 7 Fixed Function Keys
  • Modem Connection Jack
  • Handsfree Answerback
ix5.gif IW-60
  • Flash, Mute, Redial, Speaker, F1, F2 & F3 Function Keys
  • Incoming/MSG LED
ix6.gif IX-BLF
  • 200 BLFs
  • 4-Line (16 characters/line) LCD
  • 3 Alarm Indicator LED
  • Incoming queing Indicator LED
ix7.gif IX-ATT
  • 30 DSS Keys
  • 16 Programmable Function Keys
  • 8 CO Keys
  • 8 Soft Keys
  • 4 Fixed Function Keys

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