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Coral FlexiCom™ communications servers deliver unparalleled flexibility for all your communications needs. It's a fully featured, highly reliable (used by government agencies, including the White House), open system architecture. The Coral FlexiCom is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for basic communications, with the capability to implement advanced services as needed.

Seamless Communications
A communication solutions that meets all your needs today that can easily adapt to your evolving needs tomorrow is essential. Coral FlexiCom communication servers solve this dual challenge, giving you a total solution that gives you a full array of basic and advanced capabilities with unparalleled configuration flexibility.With solutions for any location, from small offices needing as few as 20 ports to large enterprises requiring thousands of ports, the Coral FlexiCom family supports all leading edge applications you need - seamlessly, intelligently, and cost-effectively.

Coral FlexiCom is designed to global industry standards. It features dual bus architecture, universal card slots for flexible configurations, and common hardware and software for virtually seamless growth. The top-of-the-line Coral flexiCom 5000 and 6000 both offer common control and power supply duplication for ultimate reliability in mission critical environments.

IP Connectivity
Much more than just a communications server., Coral Flexicom provides advanced IP-enabled communications platform based on a fully featured, highly reliable, open system. It is designed for users who need basic dependable communications and the capability to implement advanced services as needed. Unlike some systems with a limited set of features and equally limited growth potential, Coral FlexiCom delivers all the features and capabilities you require in today's complex business environment and eanables virtually unlimited growth.

Coral FlexiCom delivers powerful networking for full bandwidth digital switching, as well as integrated IP, enabling you to make the most of local and wide area converged services. With Coral QNET, the QSIG-based international signaling protocol, Coral FlexiCom sets the standard for advanced intelligent networking.

A Total Solution
Offering the full array of applications, including advanced call center capabilities, open system CTI support, multi-media messaging and integrated voice mail, Coral FlexiCom provides a highly competitive, comprehensive solution that addresses your most advanced communication needs. It is designed to work iwth the Coral FlexCT suite of sophisticated CT applications, which delivers leading edge productivity tools and call management capabilities.

Product Highlights

Designed to industry standards:

  • Dual bus architecture
  • Universal card slots for flexible configurations
  • Common hardware and software across models
An advanced IP-enabled communications platform
  • Based on a fully featured, highly reliable, open system
  • Delivers a full range of features and capabilities
  • Enables virtually unlimited growth
  • Trunk gateways for networking
  • Station gateways for remote extensions
  • QSIG over IP for advanced networking over the WAN
Integrated IP connectivity – maximizes local and wide area converged services
  • Powerful networking – enables full bandwidth digital switching
  • Advanced intelligent networking – with Coral QNet™ (QSIG-based international signaling protocol)
  • A total solution – offers a full array of applications, including:
    • Advanced call center capabilities
    • Open system CTI support
    • Multi-media messaging
    • Integrated voice mail
    • Advanced unified messaging
    • Leading edge productivity tools
    • Call management capabilities
Coral FlexSet™ telephones support all Coral FlexiCom features
  • High performance, high-flexibility terminals
  • User-programmable buttons
  • LCD display
  • Soft-keys
Key Specifications – all Coral FlexiCom models feature:
  • A powerful processor
  • Switching logic
  • Dual bus architecture
  • Fully distributed microprocessor design<

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