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Avaya Wireless Business Solution

Avaya's family of wireless business systems offers mobility solutions that help your employees stay connected and remain productive from wherever their work takes them—whether they are in the office, moving around campus, or around the country.

Avaya™ EC500 Extension to Cellular

Avaya EC500 software provides you with fast and efficient connections between you, your associates, and your customers. It provides one number access anytime, anywhere with no missed calls. With the Avaya EC500 solution you can be reached immediately and easily. The result: increased customer satisfaction and higher productivity. This enterprise-class software solution connects enterprise calls arriving on a wide variety of Avaya communications systems to any cellular telephone regardless of the cellular service.
  • One-number portability allows for a high level of accessibility because your office number is bridged to your digital cell telephone.
  • Simultaneous ringing keeps you and your associates in touch, so you can respond quickly to urgent enterprise matters without delay.
  • Software only solution does not require the expense of a wireless office service. It can utilize your existing cellular telephone and service coupled with Avaya MultiVantage.
Avaya DEFINITY® Wireless Business System

The Avaya DEFINITY Wireless Business System PWT (Personal Wireless Telecommunications) is a 1.9 GHz multi-zone mobility solution for medium and large enterprises that use the unlicensed PCS spectrum to provide all the advantages of your enterprise telephone, no matter where they are located in their facility.
  • Dynamic channel allocation architecture automatically distributes and redistributes voice channel capacity, on demand, through a system of base stations and antennas to provide complete coverage, while eliminating call blocking.
  • Extended coverage beyond the building provides complete campus coverage.

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