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Software-Based Telephony Application

Avaya™ IP Softphone

For employees who work remotely—on the road or at home—communication has just gotten a lot easier with the Avaya IP Softphone. Accessed through a simple graphical interface on a PC or laptop computer screen, the IP Softphone give mobile workers the full suite of Avaya MultiVantage features and functions, whenever and wherever they need them.
  • Patented technology for high-quality VoIP
  • Full access to your personalized desktop phone features directly from your Windows PC
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook to autodial from your contact list
  • Multiple call appearances
  • Single or dual connect options
  • Directory Access (LDAP)
Avaya™ IP Softphone for Pocket PC

This software brings the full capabilities of Avaya IP Softphone to your Windows CE handheld device (e.g., Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC). Avaya IP Softphone for Pocket PC gives you more than 500 features and functions of Avaya MultiVantage.
Avaya™ IP Agent

Avaya IP Agent is a Windows-based softphone application specifically designed to accommodate contact center agents working remotely or in an office location. It runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows NT® 4.0 PCs, enabling agents to work from their PC, anywhere, through remote connectivity to their corporate network. Agents have access to the full range of Avaya agent capabilities using a graphical user interface with standard drag-and- drop conventions.
  • Screen pops based on dialed number identification service (DNIS), automated number identification (ANI) and prompted digits.
  • Integrated call history feature provides agents with a detailed view of calls made and received.
  • Connect Options: Avaya IP Agent is available in the single and dual connect mode.
Avaya Softconsole™

Avaya Softconsole is a newly designed software attendant console that builds on the features of the popular Avaya ™ 302 Attendant Console. With its ability to search internal and external directories, and display detailed caller information on up to six calls simultaneously, Avaya Softconsole brings more productivity to the attendant’s experience. Avaya Softconsole improves the user experience through a new interface, comprehensive setup wizards, e-mail integration, and enhanced directory capabilities. It provides the following functionality:
  • Choice of two IP connections or DCP connection:
    • Voice over IP configuration (telecommuter)
    • Dual connection (road warrior) for toll quality audio
  • DCP connection using the CallMaster VI
  • Integrated iClarity for IP audio
  • Directory lookup and dialing
  • Integrated with directory management to support up to 100 directory databases
  • Permanent and per call notes

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