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Avaya Digital Telephones

Avaya digital telephones deliver the right combination of affordability and enterprise communication functionality. They are designed to meet global connectivity requirements so you can use them anywhere your enterprise does business.
  • A range of Avaya 6400 Series telephones meet your specific requirements.
  • Automatic customer telephone rearrangement lets you move telephones quickly and easily within a location without a technician.
  • One-touch operation allows you to conveniently answer, hang up, and dial without having to pick up the handset.
  • User programmability for simple programming of buttons by the end users.
  • Self test capability for minimizing servicing needs.
  • Sleek, international styling looks great in any location.

6402d.jpg Avaya™ 6402 Telephone

The Avaya 6402 Telephone provides affordable functionality for an entry-level user.
  • Eight fixed feature keys: Speaker, Feature, Hold, Transfer, Redial, Conference, Volume up & down
  • Customizable ringer volume and tone
  • 12 shiftable dial pad feature buttons
  • Listen only speaker
  • Desk and wall mountable
6402disp.jpg Avaya™ 6402 Display Telephone

The Avaya 6402 Display Telephone provides affordable functionality for an entry-level user similar to the Avaya 6402 telephone and also adds 2 x 16 character display.
6408d.jpg Avaya™ 6408D Display Telephone

The Avaya 6408 Display Telephone provides affordable functionality, with personalization options that enhance productivity in a busy office environment.
  • Administrable hands-free operation
  • 2 x 24 character display
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • User personalization functions
  • Time/day default
  • Adjustable display
  • Customizable ringer with volume and tone control
  • Eight flexible feature or call appearance keys
  • Eight fixed feature keys
  • Four display soft keys
  • Four display navigation keys
  • Desk and wall mountable
6416d.jpg Avaya™ 6416D+M Display Telephone

The Avaya 6416D+M Display Telephone expands Avaya 6408 Telephone functionality, and adds support for plug-and-play functionality upgrades.
  • Sixteen flexible feature or call appearance keys
  • Expansion module capable
6424.jpg Avaya™ 6424D+M Display Telephone

The Avaya 6424D+M Display Telephone expands Avaya 6416 Telephone functionality, adding eight flexible feature keys and includes plug-and-play functionality upgrades.
  • Expanded one-touch functionality
  • Specialized upgrades for more efficient global communication
2420.jpg Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone

The Avaya 2420 Telephone brings increased flexibility and capabilities to the digital telephone product line while continuing to provide access to the full complement of Avaya MultiVantage features. This product is targeted at the mid-high level general telephone user. With the use of a large display, the user interface is adapted to improve productivity and serviceability.
  • High-end feature set with productivity local call log & speed dial directory
  • Advanced user interface
  • Reduced installation and move costs - no paper labels
  • Investment protection with downloadable firmware
  • Large screen 7 line x 29 character display
  • Twenty-four call appearance/feature buttons in 3 pages
  • Adjustable Desk Stand
  • Function Key Expansion Unit jack
  • Advanced Module Capability
  • Fully Global ready (Icons)
302dcon.jpg Avaya 302D Attendant Console

The Avaya 302D Attendant Console is a 2-wire unit with an optional expansion module. They work behind any Avaya DEFINITY® Server running any release software that supports any DCP line circuit card. The Avaya 302D comes in three colors: dark gray, black and Avaya white. The display is a 1 X 40 universal display that will support Katakana, Roman and Euro font character set. Label languages are Japanese, English, French, Dutch, Spanish Latin America, Italian, German, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and two of each label are included with each console.
  • Fourteen fixed buttons, nineteen programmable feature buttons
  • Twelve fixed Direct Trunk Group Select buttons (DTGS)
1xu.jpg Expansion Modules for the Avaya 2420 Telephones

A series of add on modules are available to extend the capabilities of the Avaya 2420 Telephone. These modules include:
  • Avaya™ 1XU Button Expansion Module
  • Avaya™ 20A Telephone Set Module Adapter
  • Avaya™ 200A Tip/Ring Module
  • Avaya™ 201A Recorder Interface Module
exp6400.jpg Expansion Modules for the Avaya 6400 Series Telephones

A series of add on modules are available to extend the capabilities of the 6400 series telephone sets. These modules include:
  • Avaya™ XM24 expansion module
  • Avaya™ tip/ring module

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