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Avaya Analog Telephones

The Avaya™ 6200 Series Telephones deliver the enterprise calling features you count on with great control, quality, and built-in reliability. Your enterprise will benefit from the right combination of flexibility and ease of use. These telephones are designed to cost-effectively integrate with all Avaya Enterprise Communication Servers. They are available in select countries to support your enterprise communication needs around the world.
  • Set hold enables you to place a caller on hold.
  • Message waiting capabilities transparently extend your communications system's voice messaging to your analog sets.
  • Redial allows you to dial that last number you called at the touch of a button.
  • Flash tells your switch that you are activating a special feature.
  • Data jack helps you add important functionality by easily connecting a fax, modem, or laptop computer to your telephone.
  • Positive disconnect increases productivity by smoothly and easily disconnecting from one call to place or pick up the next call.
  • Small footprint saves precious desktop space (also wall mountable). This gives you all of the features and capabilities of the Avaya 6211 Analog Telephone, plus:
  • System hold (Avaya DEFINITY, Avaya S8100, S8300, and S8700 Media Servers only, and music on hold if supported by the server)
  • Repertory dialing (10 buttons with up to 24 digits or elements each)
  • Program keylock
  • Personalized ringing

6210.jpg Avaya™ 6211 Analog Telephone

This gives you a variety of features including,
  • Positive disconnect
  • Handset and ringer volume control
  • Tone dialing
  • PBX message waiting
  • Redial, flash
  • Set hold (with LED)
  • Data jack (RJ11)
6220.jpg Avaya™ 6221 Analog Telephone

This gives you all of the features and capabilities of the Avaya™ 6219 Analog Telephone, plus:
  • Speakerphone for hands-free dialing
  • Mute for keeping background noise to a minimum during calls

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