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Avaya MultiVantage Software, evolved from DEFINITY® software, provides the advanced functionality of IP telephony, and offers dozens of new applications that can be distributed to the network edge of your enterprise. The software runs on standard-based commercial operating systems. With this flexible, feature-rich software you can eliminate inefficiency and reliably integrate rich voice features and functions – proven in Avaya DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Servers – into your Internet Protocol (IP) wide area and local area networks.

Key Features

Avaya Multivantage™ Software delivers applications over IP, TDM, ATM and wireless networks, so you can move to a converged network where and when it makes sense. With Avaya MultiVantage Software at its core, the Avaya Enterprise Class IP Solutions portfolio offers mid-to-large enterprises greater flexibility by offering new Avaya Media Servers and Avaya Media Gateways that can be combined with existing DEFINITY® servers to create a network that meets your unique business needs, while protecting your existing investments. Combined with the Avaya™ G700 Gateway and Avaya™ S8300 Media Server, Avaya MultiVantage Software provides enhanced distributed networking capability, so you can extend applications to the edge of your organization.

No matter how large your network, Avaya MultiVantage Software can handle the job. Installed on our new, more powerful media servers, Avaya MultiVantage Software supports up to 12,000 IP endpoints on one system and more than one million per network. With this level of scalability you can use a single Avaya MultiVantage-based Software powered network to support large operations, to simplify your management tasks and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Reliability and Quality of Service
Avaya MultiVantage Software is built on the field-proven Avaya™ Call Processing Software used in our world-class DEFINITY communications servers. Working in concert with proactive monitoring by our EXPERT systems, Avaya MultiVantage Software delivers the reliability of traditional switched-circuit voice systems over IP-based voice networks.

Avaya MultiVantage Software has a unique "challenge and response"-based login protocol security violation notification, and class restrictions to help prevent unauthorized access to your network. The software also has several other security related features, such as Malicious Call Trace, Crisis Alert, and E911 interfaces to help protect your property and employees. In addition, Avaya MultiVantage Software works with Avaya real-time media encryption to provide a secure solution for environments where voice privacy over a LAN/WAN is required.

Investment Protection
Avaya MultiVantage Software is the common software application for all Avaya Media Severs and Gateways. MultiVantage Software enables current DEFINITY server customers to add new functionality while protecting their original investment. With the ability to handle up to 36,000 endpoints, you do not have to worry about outgrowing your system.

Standards Based
Because it supports most industry application program interfaces and standards—including TAPI, TSAPI, JTAPI, DAPI, ASAI, LDAP, H.323, QSIG and H.248—Avaya MultiVantage Software makes it easy to assemble a network of equipment from multiple vendors. This same standards-based approach creates a rich environment for third party application development. The Avaya DeveloperConnection Program (DevConnect) leverages the reliability and effectiveness of our existing communications offerings and combines them with the innovative products of third-party vendors.

Robust Functionality
Avaya MultiVantage Software provides industry leading intelligent call processing software, user productivity features, streamlined system management, security capabilities, and enterprise communications networking.

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