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Unified Messenger® Solutions—IBM Lotus Domino Version
The fully integrated Avaya Unified Messenger® Solution—IBM Lotus Domino Version application extends the value and functionality of your existing Lotus Domino e-mail messaging system by providing subscribers with one mailbox for their voice, e-mail and fax messages.

The Avaya Unified Messenger Solution—IBM Lotus Domino Version is a unified messaging solution that operates in your existing Lotus Domino e-mail messaging environment to enhance your business performance and responsiveness to customers. With the Unified Messenger application, you have the power and convenience of voice messaging at your desktop via the same Lotus Notes client you use every day.

This application allows you to quickly and effectively reply to a message, regardless of the form in which it was created, without having to switch to a different inbox or application. You can conveniently use your PC or phone to access your voice messages and reply with a voice or e-mail message. You can also flexibly retrieve and manage your e-mail messages by phone using text-to-speech conversion, as well as convert e-mail messages and attachments to faxes for printing on a fax machine.

Ideal for mobile workers, this solution helps you stay connected to colleagues, customers, and partners by enabling you to manage your messages when working remotely. Enhanced notification functionality helps ensure you can respond quickly to any type of incoming communication, promptly and efficiently collaborate with colleagues, and better serve customers.
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