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S8100 Media Server
Avaya MultiVantage™ S8100 Media Server with either a CMC1 or G600 Media Gateway is an all in one solution for the small, small of large, or medium-sized office. The S8100 Media Server uses WINDOWS 2000 as an operating system. Avaya MultiVantage™ Software, Avaya INTUITY™ AUDIX® Messaging Application, and Avaya Site Administration are co-resident applications on the WINDOWS 2000 platform. An optional Ethernet connection from the S8100 Media Server to the customers LAN provides easy access for administration purposes.

As part of the Avaya Enterprise Class IP Solutions (ECLIPS) portfolio, the S8100 Media Server with the CMC1 or G600 Media Gateway delivers a full range of global communications capabilities including traditional voice and trunking needs as well as voice over IP technology. Growth potential of up to 450 stations and 300 trunks give the small end customer room to expand. Investment protection is secured when existing phones, cables and circuit packs can be reused in larger solutions.
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