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S8700 Media Server
MS S8700 Media GatewayThe Avaya™ S8700 Media Server is a true duplicated (fault tolerant) call telephony server complex running on a Linux O/S. The Media Server fits in a 19” data rack.

It is offered in two configurations:

When paired with the G600 Media Gateway, it supports up to 64 Port Networks with up to four G600 Media Gateways per Port Network, and can support up to 12,000 IP stations and up to 4,000 digital/analog stations or trunks.

When paired with the MCC1 Media Gateway (formerly the Avaya DEFINITY® MultiCarrier Cabinet) or the SCC1 Media Gateway (formerly the DEFINITY Single Carrier Cabinet), it supports up to 44 Port Networks in a center stage switch environment or 64 Port Networks in an ATM environment.

When paired with the MCC1 or SCC1, the S8700 is available in Standard, High and Critical Reliability versions. The S8700 scales up to 36,000 total stations (12,000 of the total can be IP stations, 36,000 can be analog/digital), and provides up to 300,000 BHCC. MCC1, SCC1 and G700 gateways can be mixed when used with the S8700 server.
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