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Definity Servers

More than a traditional PABX, DEFINITY® has evolved into a powerful scalable application server that can be tailored to fulfill the requirements of any customer in virtually any country in the world. The DEFINITY is scalable from 25 up to 25,000 endpoints. The endpoints can be a combination of analog, digital and IO phones. Networking options include DCS, QSIG, DPNSS, SS7 ISDN, ATM and IP.

Key Features

Enhanced Productivity and Customer Service
These servers give you access to more than 500 Avaya MultiVantage™ Software features designed to help you be more productive and responsive. For example, your customers need only one number to reach you virtually anywhere you are, via pager, fax, or PC. They also support advanced contact center capabilities, including multichannel routing, agent effectiveness, and center management systems. These servers also support wireless telephones to improve productivity and help ensure fast response to callers.

DEFINITY servers give you choices for networking options, including IP, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, and Integrated Services Digital Network to reduce your network costs. They also provide choices in user devices (analog, digital, and IP telephones, IP softphones, and wireless telephones). These elements all work together seamlessly on the same system to meet your needs. These servers have an open architecture that supports voice and data network standards in a multivendor environment, allowing fast application deployment while protecting investments.

Several features of Avaya MultiVantage Software are specially designed to help maintain the security of your system, network, and employees. The servers unique "challenge- and response-" based login and security violation reports help prevent unauthorized access to your system. Your employees benefit from safety features, such as Malicious Call Trace, which helps control threatening calls, and E911 features that determine which telephone was used to make a 911 call. Passwords are encrypted for greater security and the Access Security Gateway protects server administration.

Investment Protection
The DEFINITY Servers and Avaya™ Media Gateways universal module design allows you to grow your system up to 25,000 telephones simply by adding circuit cards and cabinets. The hardware is reusable with Avaya MultiVantage Software Enhancements to protect your investment and minimize the expense of upgrades.

Reliability and Support
World-renowned DEFINITY Server reliability is a result of Avaya high quality production and testing together with Avaya-patented EXPERT Systems' proactive monitoring. Robust service and support includes 7x24 access, a Helpline for specialized assistance, and online information and services to help ensure your system operates at peak performance.

Product Architecture

DEFINITY® Servers are designed to integrate new technologies while protecting original investments. Two key components of the DEFINITY Servers are the switching fabric architecture and Avaya MultiVantage™ Software. The distributed switching fabric architecture of DEFINITY Servers and associated Avaya™ Media Gateways enables straightforward and cost effective integration of IP, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, and Time Division Multiplex technologies, as well as various end user devices—such as digital, IP, and wireless—in a seamless architecture designed for performance, flexibility, and reliability. You can extend and re-use your enterprise infrastructure investment and distribute your DEFINITY solution across your enterprise network, providing converged networks that deliver the capacities and functionality you need. Avaya MultiVantage™ Software delivers superior, comprehensive feature-functionality and applications that drive increased revenue, enhanced customer service, and improved productivity.

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